Mr. Fix-It

The goal for the day was to get the trailer down to the feed store to get it weighed and then over to the license bureau to get tags on it. Unfortunately, the trailer was not willing to cooperate with this plan.

First Ted had fenced the trailer in with the cattle so I had to distract  Beef and Bessie with a pail of corn and sweet feed while he lowered the fence polyrope and hitched the trailer to the pickup and then drove it out of the little field. I think I fed them 25 pounds of cracked corn by the time he finally got it going.


Then, the handle broke off while he was trying to get the landing gear up, so I jumped in the truck and drove the truck and the trailer just outside the fenced area so we didn’t have to worry about Beef paying the new truck a little visit and showing it some love (ie: rubbing it to death with his horns).

Ted was able to fix the handle and get it back on the landing gear by bending a piece of the broken handle back into shape and popping the pin out. He got the entire thing pieced back together, but as soon as he turned it and gave it one good shove, the handle broke again. When it broke that time, it really broke for good! The actual part of the screw that goes down into the landing gear and holds the pin in place for the handle snapped in half.  Since we don’t weld and my Dad was gone for the day, there was no fixing that.


Soooooo we were off to Tractor Supply for the third time that day. The cashier and another clerk both said, “Weren’t you just here??” Ted found a new set of bolt on landing gear, and we headed home. I called his brother to see if he could bring his torches and cut the old set off, but then, Ted fixed it AND cut the old gear off with a Sawzall!   That little tool went right through that heavy pipe like a hot knife through butter.


We made it to the grain mill (yhe only place with small enough scales to weigh the trailer locally so we could get tags on it), and we found out while we were there that their prices on bulk feed will save us a good bit of money on our feed bill. We brought home 500 pounds of feed in the trailer, and we also were given the name of a lady who used to milk pasture raised cows years ago. A quick Google search yielded her name and phone number, and I’ve added calling her to my (long) list of things to do next week.

On the way home, a police officer pulled us over for no tags on the trailer (the DMV was closed by the time we finished at the grain mill), but we had the weigh slip dated and time stamped for just a little bit before that so she was all smiles, and we made it home safely.

All in all, it was a long and frustrating day, but in the end, it was satisfying to know we handled the curveball by ourselves and now have a working trailer to go with our farm truck!

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