Moving Eenie, Meenie, Mynie, and Mo

Moving pigs is never an easy job. They are smart, and they are creatures of habit so once they learn their fence boundary, they never want to cross where they know the electric line is supposed to be.  I, however, do not want to raise dirt lot pigs so they had to move to the pasture beside them today.

Meanie, Mynie, and Eenie trying to decide if it’s safe to cross the dirt line for those marshmallows .   The electric line ran right at that dirt line.

Ted went in and gave them lots of bread which they love as a treat.   He moved  the gate and cut the wire, but there was no way those pigs would cross. They would go right to the edge of the dirt where it met the grass and just stand and squeal at him.   Mo was the bravest one, and when Ted poured leftover potato soup into their feedbowl and pulled it across the dirt line, Mo slowly ventured across.   The other three stood at the dirt line and carried on at him because he was eating it all (“How dare he!!!”)  but would not cross.

Mo the Bravest Pig

Ted made a line with bread, and they still would not cross. I went in the house and got a bag of marshmallows and made a big path of marshmallows across the dirt line into the other pasture, but they still would not cross.  Meenie was very interested in that potato soup so Ted put some in a big pot and got him to stick his head in the pot and then backed him across the dirt line. That worked!   Now we had two across the line and in the new pasture.   It didn’t take long for Eenie to decide she wanted over there as well to get some of the yummy marshmallows and leftover potato soup.

Meanie being backed into the new pasture with a pot of soup over his head (he was eating it vigorously)

Mynie decided the only way he was going to go across was to root under where he thought the electric line still was! He’s still out there digging. LOL   Since three have crossed now, I’m not worried about it. He will cross this evening or tomorrow at some point.  

Mynie tunneling his way to the new pasture 

Ted was over there cutting weeds, and he found a ton of cherry tomato plants that were growing over there all summer. He said it looked like there were thousands of tomatoes growing in that pasture, and we just couldn’t see it from this side. If I had known, I could have been picking tomatoes and selling them at the farmers’ market all summer long!   I’m excited to know that happened though because it proves to me exactly what I thought: having pigs in an area gets rid of tons of the weeds and turns it into a very fertile garden area! My hope is that this side of the pasture which they have turned into a dirt lot at this point will really support a good garden next summer.  Let’s face it; I do not have a green thumb, and I need all the help I can get!

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