Sick – YUCK!

Well, this past week has been a little of a blur.  We had third grade AIR testing and make-up diagnostic testing for first and second graders, and I was once again at the Albany site (which I love!).  I had almost a 90 minute break between my morning appointments and my afternoon appointment on Monday so I ran to Lowe’s to get a couple of small items we needed at the house and then ran through a fast food place to get a bowl of soup for lunch.  My appointment still wasn’t there so I ate the soup and waited for the student to show up.  Within about twenty minutes, I started to feel poorly, and I hoped I wasn’t coming down with the virus the kids and Ted had the week before (which came and went after just a few hours for each of them except that Jake carried a fever for two days so had to stay out of school just in case he was contagious).  After thirty minutes, I called the parent who stated she wasn’t bringing the child to the make-up session, and I headed out of there because I knew I was getting really sick really fast.

I ran through Kroger and grabbed the Thanksgiving turkey (long story short:  with a fox getting the two other turkeys, Sahara now begged me not to use the remaining one for Thanksgiving Dinner…and I caved and now have ANOTHER PET TURKEY AT THE FARM………groan……..).  By the time I got Jake from school, I was so sick I could barely stand up, and I started throwing up around 4pm, and that continued until 6:30 the next morning.  YES.  I THREW UP OVER AND OVER AGAIN FOR OVER 14 HOURS, FOLKS!

I felt so badly the next morning that after I dropped Jake off at school, I went straight to the hospital.  They took one look at me and put me right into an appointment room where I saw the nurse practitioner.  She thought it was the virus, but I am now (four days later) convinced that it was definitely food poisoning.  I had this once 20 years ago, and this is exactly how I felt then.  I puked for hours on end, slept fitfully, and then literally felt like I’d been run over by a truck or been mercilessly beaten from my neck to my hips the entire following 48 hours (I couldn’t even cough or sneeze because it hurt so bad).  Remember – I had my last two kids at home, I didn’t take any pain meds when I had my wisdom teeth out or when I broke my elbow or had the two wrist surgeries, and I broke my foot and walked on it for months before I figured out that pain really shouldn’t be there.  I can HANDLE it.  This was pain that didn’t let up – I almost made Sahara take me to the emergency room at 2:30am Wednesday because I was pretty sure I was dying (no exaggeration).

Needless to say, I did NOT get back to the testing site and have two second graders who still need tested.  I did work yesterday (computer only), and today – miraculously – I feel almost completely better.  I’ve worked all day and am almost caught up on everything I needed to get a jump start on for next week plus all of this week’s work is finished.  I even unloaded all the pumpkins from the bed of the truck during lunch (the weather here is GORGEOUS today!).

I can say this with certainty: BEING SICK SUCKS.  I’m so glad I’m feeling better today!!!

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