Veterans’ Day and Christmas prep

My school is off today in celebration of Veterans’ Day.  Jake has been sick for two days, so last night I made sure no alarm was set on my phone, and I slept in this morning!!!  That was GLORIOUS!  I feel ready to tackle the world!

First things first – making a wonderful dinner for Ted, my very own Air Force veteran.  I’m making him a big pot of loaded baked potato soup and homemade rolls for dinner.

Once that was on, I decided to do a little Christmas prep so I looked online for new cookie recipes, and I found four.  This year, I think I’m going to only try to do these four; if I get to more, great, and if not, then at least I’ll still have four kinds.  I found all these recipes on Just a Pinch .  There are over 450 pages of cookie recipes on that site (look under desserts, then cookies)!!!  I’m pretty sure there’s something for everybody on there.

Now I’ll make my cookie ingredient list and put it on my phone so I can buy a few things at a time over the next five weeks and then make all the cookies the first day of Christmas break.  I’ve found over the years that is truly the easiest way to buy all these baking ingredients (and the way that my grocery bill doesn’t feel the squeeze all at once).

There are only 44 days to go until Christmas – have you started prepping yet?

Before you do that though, go wish a veteran Happy Veterans’ Day!

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