I’m doing it!!!

My lead teacher asked me earlier how I lost fourteen pounds, and this is what I told her...... I have cut out absolutely all processed food (including flour and sugar).  I’m making myself take 30 minutes in the afternoon to cook myself a healthy lunch everyday (today was a Portobello mushroom, ½ red onion, and … Continue reading I’m doing it!!!

Freebies are always good!

Someone posted on a local Facebook group that she had two broken refrigerators and a washer for free - first come, first serve!  We use broken refrigerators to store our pig feed and cattle feed, and I've been watching for another for a while to store the chicken feed.  I immediately woke Ted up from … Continue reading Freebies are always good!

Getting healthier (a work in progress)

When I went to the doctor last week on August 1st, I was very unhappy with the reading on the scales.  VERY UNHAPPY!!!!  I knew I'd gained some weight because my foot just HURT horribly for months, but I didn't realize how much.  There's something about elastic waist shorts that let you think you're still … Continue reading Getting healthier (a work in progress)

Look what’s on my milkweed plants!

I bent over to pick something up yesterday off the garage pad, and this caught my eye: Tiger moth caterpillars  On further inspection of the plant, I also found a monarch caterpillar! Monarch butterfly caterpillar     This is so exciting to me!  Last summer, I planted a bunch of wildflower seeds in the front flowerbed, … Continue reading Look what’s on my milkweed plants!