Getting healthier (a work in progress)

When I went to the doctor last week on August 1st, I was very unhappy with the reading on the scales.  VERY UNHAPPY!!!!  I knew I’d gained some weight because my foot just HURT horribly for months, but I didn’t realize how much.  There’s something about elastic waist shorts that let you think you’re still the same comfortable size you were last year, right?  I think there is anyway………

I remember thinking, “Man, I really need to do something about my weight!”  Then I saw Chipotle looming off in the distance on the right, and my stomach growled, and I decided I wanted a burrito to eat on the way to Sandusky soooooo………………….that was that.  I had the burrito and a Ski and was on my merry way.

Then on Saturday, August 6th, we took the kids to Kings Island for the day (I know – what was I thinking – on a broken foot???), and everything was fine………….until I decided to ride The Racer with my kids.  This roller coaster has individual seats (in pairs) so I had to sit down behind the kids……….and I honestly didn’t think I was going to fit.  I really had to wedge my rear end down in there, and I mean I had to WORK to get that read end wedged down into that seat!!!  I was so embarrassed.  I was going to be mortified if I had to get off the roller coaster after waiting in line with the kids to ride it……..I twisted and turned and got into the seat, but it was horrible.

That’s what it took.  It took a roller coaster seat to get me to see that I have to lose weight.  It’s not just about a number on a scale; it’s about being able to do all those things with my younger kids that I did with my older kids.  I want to be able to enjoy those things and not worry if I’m going to fit in the stinking seat.

The sad thing is that I KNOW how to make healthy food choices.  I KNOW that I need to spend a little time moving and exercising every day.  I just DON’T.  Or at least I didn’t – now I am making those choices, and I’m feeling better than ever every single day!

I’ve lost ten pounds in eleven days which seems crazy, but I know this is what my body does when I’m at my heaviest.  This will continue for about twenty total pounds and then screech to a halt for a couple of weeks and then pick back up again.  It’s from cutting out sugar.  I was drinking two bottles of Ski a day, and I was eating prepackaged food like crazy because it’s easy to do it.  It’s easy to grab a handful of potato chips or a slice of pizza or a Happy Meal in the drive through.  It’s not as easy to stop working and make myself take a lunch break so I can actually chop some veggies and make myself a nice salad with some protein on the side.  That’s what I’m doing now though – I stopped the Ski cold turkey and started tracking my food intake so I could see where I could eat healthier, and then I just did it.  It was apparent after just two days that the prepackaged stuff was taking up more space in my diet than I previously thought; those are wasted calories.

I feel GREAT from just losing ten pounds, and I haven’t had any sugar reactions like I did before (mind foggy and horrible headaches were the worst last year in early June when I did this before).  Now I just need to keep this momentum going and remember that this is still the best thing for my body even once the weight loss stops (because then it is just oh so easy to revert back to thinking one little drive through visit won’t hurt anything……..but it does for me!).

Somebody remind me of that in another ten pounds, okay?  LOL

2 thoughts on “Getting healthier (a work in progress)

  1. Great post! I know just what you mean, and just how you feel! It’s so easy to fall into the “just once won’t hurt” trap. Then it turns into an ever day thing and we’re right back where we started, plus some. I’ve gone without sugar too, and I feel so much better without it!

    I’m already at the point where I need to do something now, but I have at least two more months off my foot. No weight bearing at all. Additionally, my husband and 16 year old daughter are doing most of the meal planning/cooking. I shudder to think how much weight I might gain in the next two months!

    Hang in there!

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