Luci’s kittens are growing like little weeds!  They’re now running around the living room and kitchen (the only two rooms they have access to), and Luci is acting half the time like the world’s best mom and the other half like the worst big sibling in the aorld.  She’s still so young herself, and sometimes she wants to play way too rough with the babies so we have to rescue them from her pointy teeth and sharp claws.

This is Skunk (or Pippi); she looks like a reverse color skunk!  She’s the most adventurous and the one who sleeps the hardest. Nothing short of a tornado wakes her up when she crashes.

This is Husky (Tucker) behind Luci. She sticks close to Luci most of the time. This is the one Ted loves. She’s a sweetie and loves cuddles.

This is Cow (no name yet – Morgan and Teddy are taking him once he’s old enough).  He is a CLIMBER! He climbs the chair, the couch, my leg, the laundry basket…if his little claws can get in it, he climbs it).  Then he sits at the top and cries until we get him back down, and he purrs loudly because he’s been “saved”.

Unfortunately,  all of the kittens have had funky eye issues.  I clean them two to three times a day, but when they sleep, their little eyes mat up again.  I’m taking them to the vet because now it’s impacting them and causing them to not even attempt to eat any soft food yet. I’ve tried  We need to start them on soft food so they wean themselves naturally; Luci has her spay appointment Labor Day weekend, and I don’t want them trying to nurse on her when she has stitches.  If anyone has any ideas on helping naturally heal funky eyes, I’d love to hear them!

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