I’m doing it!!!

My lead teacher asked me earlier how I lost fourteen pounds, and this is what I told her……

I have cut out absolutely all processed food (including flour and sugar).  I’m making myself take 30 minutes in the afternoon to cook myself a healthy lunch everyday (today was a Portobello mushroom, ½ red onion, and a cup of frozen pepper strips all sautéed in a tsp of bacon grease and topped with two slices of all natural cheese and 4 oz. of salmon I baked in the oven – it’s a big cast iron skillet of food and a 500 calorie lunch, but I’m eating salad and chicken breast tonight for dinner since the kids want pizza).


I eat as much fruit and veggies as I want all day long, and I’m shooting for a big helping of nutrient dense protein at every meal.  Pretty much, I just shop the fruit/veggie/fish section for myself and then add in pork, beef, chicken, and eggs from our home freezer that we raised ourselves, and I create three healthy meals a day for myself (and anybody else in the house that wants to eat with me).  I’m seriously having trouble getting to 1500 calories a day by doing it this way; I have to usually eat a big snack of fruit or another sweet potato late at night because I know if my calories dip too low, that starts a yo-yo effect so I’m trying to make sure I eat at least that.


I could never understand why I couldn’t lose weight before (and why I gained it) because I really did not eat that much food.  Once I tracked my food for three days, I knew why:  the local pop I love and was having about two of a day of (sometimes more than that), added up to 520 calories for just two bottles!  Also, I wasn’t moving much at all, and I just felt HORRIBLE.  Cutting out that pop and sugar left me with a big calorie deficit, and when I cut out the processed foods (which are high in calories and all kinds of awful other things), I gained even more calories I could eat.  Now, I feel like I’m eating all day long to make sure I get enough to eat!

I bought the Vivofit3 which is a nifty little activity tracker, and the feature I love most is that it beeps at me when I’ve been sitting for one solid hour; it’s a reminder to get up and move.  I get up and walk outside to check for eggs in our coop and straight back in, and I’ve found that five minutes of activity is enough to reset it.  It also syncs with an app on my cell phone to tell me activity level, steps taken, steps needed to hit 5000 today, minutes of activity, length of my stride, etc.  I’m finding it really useful!

Last, I started training sincerely  for a 10k.  I did one about four Thanksgivings ago, and I thought I’d die (it was my crazy little sister’s idea to do it together, and I only had two months to prep), but when I finished it, I felt like I did after I gave birth to each of my four kids – like I could climb Mt. Everest!  I have decided I’m going to train and run it again this year around Thanksgiving, and then I’m going to continue to sign up for and run races about four to five times a year (spread out) to keep me on track and make me stick with the training.


Also, I ditched pop and am drinking water (about two quarts a day so far but I’m working up to a gallon a day), just one cup of coffee instead of about eight, and about three cups of herbal tea.


My motivation came the Saturday after our staff meeting earlier in August.  We took our kids to Kings Island, and I talked the kids into going on my favorite roller coaster there.  I ALMOST DIDN’T FIT IN THE SEAT.  I was MORTIFIED.  I seriously had to wedge my fanny down in that seat to fit, and that was it.  That was my light bulb moment.  If I don’t do something about this weight, I’m going to have heart disease and diabetes and probably a stroke – all those lovely hereditary things that have been passed down in my genes.  I want to be able to do all kinds of fun things with my kids and someday my grandkids, and I WANT TO KEEP RIDING ROLLER COASTERS!  Also, I’m just tired of feeling tired and run down.  I’m 44, not 104.


And so……………motivation and now a big life change.

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