Christmas in July – week 2

The second week of July, I spent a little time online, looking for gifts I thought my older kids might like.  I found one for my oldest daughter!  It’s very unique, and I know she’ll love it.  I have it bookmarked and ready to order soon.  I can’t wait to see her face on Christmas morning!  It will take her a moment to figure out what the gift is and what it means, but she’s going to go nuts for it!  If she didn’t read my blog, I’d put the link to it on here, but that would spoil her surprise!

If you haven’t yet, take an evening and look at some different websites via Google on the shopping tab.  It’s like window shopping, and it’s fantastic because you can put stuff in your cart and save it for later!  That way you don’t have buyer’s remorse the next day. LOL. 

Also, remember to check out Etsy for unique, one of a kind, handcrafted gifts.  Remember that you can contact any Etsy seller and request personalized details on any item.  Many will do that for you!

Have fun getting your gift list together!  Christmas Eve is only 153 days from today!  I wonder if Martha knows??

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