Jake (the little chef)

Jake decided he’s changing his career choice; instead of building robots for NASA, he wants to be a “salad chef for the scientists at NASA because they probably aren’t very healthy because they probably sit at their computers watching space all day.”  LOL

He found tons of video recipes on YouTube, and he was determined we were making this one.  We bought the ingredients at Kroger and made it.

   The finished orange pop gelatin

Please note:  your pop should be room temp.  If it’s cold from the refrigerator,  the gelatin turns into a gloppy mess and looks like curdled milk.  NOT FUN!!! A few minutes in the microwave fixed it though.  Also, skim off the fizz after you mix it and before you pour it back into the bottle because otherwise, you wind up with that foamy stuff jellied at the top which looks kind of gross.

This recipe really did work, and he fooled his cousin, Harley, who thought it was a bottle of pop on the plate.  None of us liked the taste of it (Jake said every time he tried to chew it that it kept trying to bounce out of his mouth LOL)…but the chickens sure did!  They ate it up!

I wonder if Martha ever does anything like this?

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