It’s been a year, Cooper

I wrote this post on 9/2 (Saturday) but left it in my draft folder.  It was too hard to go through the pictures that day to find some of Cooper to share.  I had to wait.  It’s just that hard (still).


It’s been a year since you died, Cooper. It feels so much longer.  Jake still talks about you often, and he says if we ever see another dog that looks just like you that we have to get him and make sure he has a good life, too.

I got Jake a guinea pig last month. He named her Diana the Wonder Pig (after Wonder Woman), and for a week, he was obsessed with researching guinea pig lifespans, proper care, allowable fruits/veggies, etc.  He wasn’t sure he even wanted her when I brought her home because he still grieves for you and was so rocked by your abrupt death; he fears the day Diana dies.  Now he loves Diana, and while she’s a sweet and funny guinea pig, it’s not the same as a boy having his own dog. I know that, but I also know you’re irreplaceable so we don’t even try.

I hope doggie heaven is truly like what I’ve told the kids, and I hope that you don’t even realize you’ve been gone a whole year from us. I hope it feels like the blink of an eye for you and that you’re just settling down with a meaty bone that’s just the right size for your little mouth, and I hope you got new teeth when you opened your eyes in heaven.  The Bible says God cares for the little sparrow, so why wouldn’t He want a stinky little lovebug dog up there? I have to believe He would and does.

You were a good dog, Cooper, and we still love and miss you. I suspect we always will.

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