Piggies again!

This past Sunday, we set out through the countryside, down winding narrow roads, over bumpy hills, and up a tiny little dirt road to pick up our newest batch of piglets!

Jake was impressed that there was a horse…until the stall door opened, spilling out two large horses and a rather tall mule, all of which were very curious about what the three new people were doing in the barnyard. Then he wanted nothing to do with any of them because he was sure they were going to step on his feet.

The Gloucestershire Old Spot/Hereford cross piglets squealed and squealed and ran round and round the barn stall where the farmer had corralled them prior to our arrival.  There was no scooping these crazy piglets up like little snuggly puppies; Ted was lucky to get each one by the back legs and get them to the livestock trailer because they were kickers!  Luckily, he only had to go a few feet from the stall to our trailer.  We hate manhandling them this way, but it was the only way to do it. We knew a leash around the neck of a spooked half wild piglet is the recipe for a broken neck or leg so this carrying hold was the only choice.

I manned the big gate to keep the horses and mule from getting loose, and Jake was in charge of the trailer door.

Once we got all four in, Ted drove us all home and then set about training the piglets to the electric fence so they’d understand and respect the boundaries (and not be in the neighbor’s vegetable garden!).

It’s a work in progress right now.  They currently hate us but are very hungry and beginning to realize that the kitchen bucket is always full of treats when we come to visit them now.  

Striving Acres has piggies again!

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