Meet the newbie!

We had two huge things happen today for our farm.  At 7am, we were on the road to pick up an Amish man (more on that tomorrow).  At 8:15am, we were on our way north, and after a nine hour round trip, we came home with this guy:

His current name is Chip (which may change once we get to know his personality), and he’s a Murray Grey/Angus cross bull.  He’s the herd sire for our next venture: pastured raised grass-fed beef!  

He was born in September and is a real cuddle bug. He loves having his back scratched with a hairbrush!

He wasn’t too sure about stepping off the hay onto the black mats to get out of the trailer, but once he saw Ted wasn’t falling into a black abyss, he followed Ted right out and through the pasture. 

He made a beeline for the girls who made a beeline for the top of the hill and the new gate!  They’re  all separated for now, but it looks like they’ll be together soon!

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