Auction time!

We went to an estate auction this past weekend, and there were so many neat things there. We drove down a winding little road for at least 20 minutes to get there, and then the road curved around and opened up at a farm at the road’s dead-end. A little brick home sat on the left side of the road, shaded on all sides by tall drooping trees and a set of red Wizard of Oz type root cellar doors in the ground near the back. A huge grey stone chimney filled one side of the house. Across the road and nestled at the far treeline was a huge weathered white barn that leaned slightly to the right. It was such a beautiful place!

A large wedding sized tent was set up across the road in the field, and it was filled with treasures. There were boxes upon boxes of cookbooks, home decorations, holiday items, and Corningware. It was obvious someone in the home loved to cook and entertain. There were loads of antiques as well – spinning wheels, a cream separator, Hoosier cabinets, dressers, a rope bed, and so much more.

Unfortunately, it was almost 90F very early on so it made staying at the auction awful, especially when the auctioneer stopped 1/3 of the way through the tent and moved to another spot on the farm to auction off old vehicles, and then another spot to auction off old tools, and then another spot…and so on. We wound up leaving due to the heat when it became apparent the auctioneer wouldn’t get back to the tent items any time soon. I only spent $5.50 on two big boxes filled with china tableware.

This huge 3′ tall velvet painting is the one thing I wish I’d kept bidding on – I stopped when it hit $20. I’m sure the paint would glow under a blacklight!

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