Behind this door…


…is my treasure trove!!!

When we remodeled the bathroom (and on the spur of the moment, I had Mike and Dad knock down the pantry wall to make the bathroom huge), I was left with this door in my kitchen. They were thinking I should drywall over it, but I knew just what to do with it!!!


I’ve always loved old farmhouses with their little rooms that jut off everywhere.  Now I have something like that!!!


This houses all of my cast iron! It’s sturdy and strong and can bear all that weight without a complaint. It’s perfect for me because my cast iron isn’t stacked (why is it I always needed the pan on the very bottom when I had them stacked in the cupboard???). I can even put my still warm pans here without damaging the cabinet.


Some of these belonged to my great great grandma.


This little egg pan is so perfectly seasoned that my omelets just slide right off.

Some are brand new.


Some (trivets and pots) are from the flea market and were rusty and purchased for just $8! Cast iron cleans up so well and always has some life left in it.

The corn muffin pan (top) is from ebay.

Every time I pull one of these older ones out, I always think about the meals it’s cooked over the years.  All those family mouths were greeted with a hot supper from that pan. How many ovens have these been in and how many chickens have they fried?

These make me feel so connected to the women in my family and even to those unknown ones out there. We’re all united as mothers, filling our families up with good food (Mom translation: with love)!

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