He’s adapting well…

Chewie was with Gramma when she passed. He knows she’s gone, and he doesn’t look for her (unlike when she was hospitalized, and he would just go room to room to search for her and almost knock his visitors down trying to get to their cars to see if she was out there).

He stayed with my dad at Gramma’s house until this past Wednesday, and then Dad said we would have shared custody of him. I know how this works. He gave Gramma shared custody when Chewie was only a few weeks old, and essentially Gramma had her own dog for the following 10 years… so essentially I have a fourth dog again. LOL

Gramma spoiled this little dog rotten for 10 years. He wouldn’t touch dog food at her house. He decided he likes the kind that Smidge has in her bowl though so he’s eating (a lot)!

On Wednesday night, I woke up to him growling at 5:45am. I rolled over, thinking he just heard something. Then I realized SOMETHING WAS OUTSIDE OUR WINDOW, GROWLING BACK AT HIM!!! Needless to say that after a full minute of panic, trying to figure out how a raccoon or possum climbed up the outside of the house to the second story, then thinking one got inside and trying to figure out how I could hold the door and rescue the dogs and get the wild animal back outside, I was WIDE AWAKE by the time I realized it was our stupid kitten in the windowsill. Argh. I did not go back to sleep after that.

Saving a little popcorn on the end of his nose for a snack later

Then, on Thursday night, he woke me up at 2:45am because I left him and Smidge in the living room together. I knew if I let him upstairs, he would jump up in the bed and wake up Ted, and Ted has this rule about no dogs or cats in our bed. Chewie made it downstairs until 2:45am and then started barking and howling and had the whole house up. I wound up sleeping on the couch for a couple of hours that night to keep him quiet. At this point, I was pretty sure that I would never get a full night’s sleep again for the next umpteen years (however long this dog lives).

I think half the problem is that he absolutely refuses to get on any of the dog beds in the house.

Friday night, the new plan was to let him sleep with Jake. Jake always let Cooper sleep at the foot of his bed, no matter how stinky Cooper was. Maybe Chewie just wants to sleep on the foot of someone’s bed like he always did at Gramma’s.

SUCCESS!!! I had a glorious full night of sleep Friday night! No one was woken up by Chewie! I don’t know if that’s because Jake and Matthew wore him out playing with him until 12:30am in the living room, or if it was because he got to sleep on the foot of Jake’s bed. Either way, it works for me, and Jake now has a new little buddy at the foot of his bed every night, and I am finally getting some sleep again! Hallelujah!!!

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