My poor girl has a torn CCL ligament (like a torn ACL in a human – the ligament over the knee). After two appointments, medication, and xrays, the vet said she needs surgery to fix it because it could wind up tearing the other back leg which is overcompensating for the injured one (she currently keeps the back right leg in the air and hops around on three legs, and every so often she touches her toes to the ground – a common sign of this injury). We aren’t even sure how she did it!

Lameness is also a common symptom of Lyme disease (which she contracted two years ago and is now dormant in her but which can also rear its ugly head again and cause lameness, joint pain/inflammation, and kidney problems so I watch her closely for all of that). The xrays confirmed this was the CCL though and not Lyme.

My poor girl…she has to stay overnight at the vet’s office. She’s never ever been away from home overnight before! I’m worried sick! She knew…she kept tucking her head under my arm as we drove there (it’s her way of hugging me, and she’s done it for years). Even as uncomfortable as she was, she was trying to comfort me.

I hope this goes well. She has a long recovery ahead of her, and she’s going to hate being confined to the house with minimal walks (and no running or bouncing) so that it can heal correctly and completely. She’s our bouncy kangaroo in a dog skin so I know this is going to be a battle to keep her still for a few weeks!

All the positive thoughts you can send will be greatly appreciated!

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