The perfect solution

I have tons of little things that need done around here, and I can never seem to get to them.

The neighbor boy needs money to pay his cell phone bill every month so I hired him.

It’s working out pretty well so far. We struck a deal for a certain amount of money weekly for approximately four hours of work weekly. I put work items on a list that we think should take four hours or less, and even if he finishes in less time, he still gets $20, but if it takes longer, he still only gets $20.

I explained today that if he played or texted on his phone while he was supposed to be working,  it would take forever to finish. I explained that the faster he finishes, the more he actually earns per hour. He took down 32 feet of broken fencing today, yanked the poles out of the ground, and blew the leaves into next year’s garden area to decompose.  He did all of that on three hours.  He only has to wash the chicken water bowls Wednesday.  LOL

This is going to work out well for both of us. LOL

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