I’m horrible at my Year of Martha

It’s after mid-May.  Let me repeat, it is After.Mid.May.  I will never be Martha Stewart or even a close facsimile.  

I got all motivated when I got her magazine, and I made my calendar on a little notebook pad.   Here’s what I have on it:


Do you know how many of the items from May 13th through today (the 18th) I’ve actually done?  I’ve done one.  ONE.  And if my kid wasn’t part of the band, I’d have missed doing that one, too!

I feel like I cannot squeeze one more thing into my day.  This stinks!  These are things I WANT to do, and they’re not happening.  Work has taken my life over completely, and there is no work/life balance at all.  These aren’t huge tasks; I’m not trying to climb Mt. Everest.  I’m just trying to fit in something I want to do into my life, and I cannot fit it in here anywhere unless I give up sleep altogether.

Summer break cannot come soon enough!

PS. I can mark off weedeating the flowerbed, but only because I paid my Gramma’s lawn guy to do it yesterday afternoon. >:/

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