Happy birthday, Janeesa (in Chicago!)

Janeesa’s 26th birthday was this past weekend, so we packed up the car and headed to Chicago on Friday to see her.  I was really glad Ted was driving once we got to the city!  It was crazy there!  I thought driving in Columbus was bad, but this was nuts!

We rented an apartment in her building through Air BnB, and we were one floor down from her.  That was great!  Ted and I spent a lot of time people watching when we were alone in the apartment during early morning hours. The street below didn’t shut down until about 2:30 each night, and people would be out and about again at 7 or earlier, walking their dogs, getting coffee, etc.  

Janeesa and David were wonderful hosts, and they took us out for real deep dish Chicago pizza at Gino’s (a famous pizzeria, they told us), and Sahara and Jake got to write on the walls (the whole place was one big graffiti-filled building).  They thought that was really neat.

The next morning, they took us to Adler Planetarium.  It was really interesting!  Jake absolutely loved it because space has been his obsession since he was about four.  

We saw displays of the planets…

…huge scale models of the planets…


…moon rocks…

…info about the astronauts and the failed moon landing attempt that was a life threatening event)…

…the actual moon landing…

…and a 360 theatre experience all about the search for Planet 9 (I found that part particularly amazing!).

The kids made smooshed pennies as souvenirs to add to the family collection acquired over the years.

I figured out how to get an Uber all by myself and took it to a bakery that I heard Janeesa mention had her favorite cupcakes.  Figuring that app out made me feel ancient.  LOL. It was fun though, and my driver, Abdasalom, was very friendly and talked to me all about Chicago.  He was sweet enough to wait on me when I went in the bakery and took me back to the apartment  free of charge!  

Janes seemed to like her gift (an essential oil diffusing necklace) and cash (of course – who doesn’t like cash? LOL). I told her to get on the Young Living website and pick a bottle of good oil as part of her present (the little box of oils was a sampler from a big box store because giving her the necklace without any felt like giving a kid a toy without the batteries).  

Of course, there were birthday shenanigans and jokes amongst the siblings, and they all said they wished Teddy and Morgan could have been there, too (they didn’t go because they had to work).

Happy birthday,  Janeesa! We love you so much, and we had a great time visiting you in Chicago!

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