Naughty naughty Chip

We forgot how much work it is to have a bull. We. Forgot.  Chip quickly reminded us.

It takes two people to move anything that requires opening a gate because if it’s open, that bull is going through it. 

It takes two people to diligently watch him while the other climbs on and off and back on the tractor, hooking chains to items that need moved.

It takes two people to stop him from stepping into the newly moved feed trough so he can jump over the gate (I seriously wish I was making this one up!).  All my best feed plans about it becoming a five minute daily job are gone now – poof! – in a puff of smoke.  It’s back to climbing over the fence with a feed bag in tow and fending off all of them until I can pour the feed into their troughs.

It takes two of us to get him out of the open barn (OMG – HE IS SO HEADSTRONG!!!) and close the big door so he doesn’t knock an implement over on himself and get hurt badly.

AND SO FAR, HE’S A GOOD BULL (although he’s a kicker!).   Can you imagine if we had one that was horrible and wouldn’t let us in the field or worse yet, one who was dangerous? 

We are seriously thinking we will just rent a bull next time and give it back after the deed has been done with the girls…

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