It’s rutabaga tonight…

I took Jake to the grocery store on Tuesday afternoon. I told him we would make whatever he wanted for dinner as long as he helped me. I asked him to look through the vegetables in the produce section and find two things we’d never eaten before. He picked turnips and parsnips.

I really doubted that he would even taste them, but he surprised me! He washed the vegetables for dinner, and we looked up a recipe on Google, and then I chopped them up, and he seasoned them and slid them in the oven.

He made a big deal out of us tasting them at the same time since we were the only two home that night for dinner. He said the parsnips started out great, but then “they become very mediocre in the mouth.” LOL Surprisingly, we both loved the turnips! He thought they tasted like baked french fries.

I’m going to have him help me cook three nights a week to try to get him to eat more vegetables. Night one was a success!

He said tonight we’re having rutabaga. LOL

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