Smidge is the queen

I broke my toe Wednesday night (banged into a gate being my usual klutzy self and an xray confirmed it Thursday – I’ll spare you from looking at my swollen little purple and green toe – you’re welcome). Now I have to sit with my feet propped up for a few days, and I. Am. So. Bored! Seriously. I had plans to install stained glass film on the bathroom door tonight, and now I can’t. Ugh. It’s one thing to be tied to my laptop while working, but it’s entirely another when you get told to sit still and not move around for a few days at all. This stinks.

So what do I do since I’m stuck in my recliner? I went through the dog clothes basket and dressed up Smidge!

This was good for killing about 30 minutes.

She wasn’t too happy about being dressed up.

Wearing the crown really wasn’t her cup of tea.

Now I’m bored again.

So is Smidge. All hail the queen!

I need to find another dog to dress up. Chewie won’t let me play dress up with him at all, the little stinker.

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