One free little action you can take now

If you’re starting to run out of paper towels to dry your hands on or disinfect counters, doorknobs, cabinet handles, light switches, etc with, here’s a quick and easy thing you can do. Go grab your oldest roughest towel from the closet (we all have one, right?). Now cut it into strips and then into square small cloths and set them in a bowl or basket by the sink.

My basket of little cloths for hand drying and disinfecting sets right beside the sink.

Now every time you wash your hands or need to disinfect a surface, you have a clean cloth readily and immediately available. Toss these into the laundry after every single use (ie: don’t wipe multiple surfaces with the same one you just dried your hands with – use a fresh cloth to dry your hands, a fresh cloth to disinfect the light switch, another fresh cloth to disinfect the front doorknob, and so forth). This is free and easy to make. Put your nervous energy to work and make a little pile of these for your home, too!

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