Amelia’s Wild Ride


Today, I had a lot of things to do.  For instance, I had to go to the license bureau and get the registration renewed for Teddy’s car; it was supposed to be done in January (it’s the end of April!!!), and I simply forgot about it.  I also had to buy stain for the office bookshelf, pick up 20 strawberry plants, take Sahara and Sarah to choir practice 30 minutes away, see about the barn kit at the Do-It-Center about 45 minutes away, and take the library letter to the library to have my library fine forgiven (it was a big fine……….$38!!!………..books under seat + broken elbow last summer = a big fat fine when you find the books).

I started off early this morning.

IMG_5495 I fed Bessie and scratched her tummy and head and had my morning snuggles with her.

IMG_5501 I fed the goats.  Yes – that is a cardboard box holding their c0rn this morning.  I couldn’t find the feed bucket!  I had to make do.  They didn’t mind.

IMG_5503  I fed the pullets and the chicks and the ducks.

I unloaded and reloaded and started the dishwasher. I filled out the refinance papers for the bank.  I got dressed, fixed my hair, and prepped to run to town.  I was on a roll!

I headed to town and about three miles down the road, I started to smell something horrible.  I stopped at a stop sign, sniffed my hair (nope), my pits (nope), even my shoes (nope).  I thought maybe it was the car in front of me.  I rolled down my window and yes, yes it had to be the car in front of me.  I followed them and decided at the red light I would jump out and tell them they needed oil because their engine had to be burning up, but at the red light up the road, they turned too quickly and were gone!

Then, I realized that I still smelled THE SMELL.  I was frantic!  When I was a little girl, my Mom’s car caught on fire and burnt to the tires.  I was convinced my engine was blowing up or else it was on fire under the hood.  I pulled into the local tire shop/mechanic and jumped out, beating on the door.  They were closed, but the mechanic who was there cleaning out came out anyway.  I told him the problem, and he agreed the engine smelled awful.  He asked me to pop my hood.

He poked around under there for a minute, then jerked back quickly and said, “Lady, you have an animal in there!”  I didn’t see it…………..and then I did (can you spot the animal in the top picture?).

I knew immediately – it was Amelia!!!  I told him I would poke her with a stick and grab her when she jumped down, but he said I probably shouldn’t be poking around the engine with a stick.

IMG_5514He jacked the van up and crawled under to retrieve her.  He handed her out, and we looked her over.  Her wild ride cost her most of her feathers down to the downy soft part on her right side.  Amazingly, she didn’t appear to have any burns.  I couldn’t believe it!  I asked him how much I owed him, and he said, “Lady, I’ve been a mechanic for years, and that’s a first for me.  That was worth it just for the story alone!”

I love living in a small town.  🙂

Her feathers look horrible, but it’s really not.  I honestly was completely shocked that she didn’t have fatal burns, but she didn’t even have first degree burns.  The feathers are all black in some spots on that side, but underneath, her skin appears fine.

I put her in the van, and she was a good girl as we went to get fencing and the registration, enjoying her ride in the correct part of the van much more than her ride under it; she clucked and cooed at me the whole trip! Once home, I put her back in the coop, and she hopped down and ran to her favorite hidey-hole.  I think I was more shaken than she was!

What in the world am I going to do with my traveling hen???

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