Sandwich Bread – Conquered!!!

FINALLY!!! Image

I have found the sandwich loaf bread recipe!!!  The kids voted this one a definite keeper.  This came from a grange cookbook my Gramma Izzie had in her cabinet for about fifty years.  This makes two really nice long loaves (actually about the size of what you would buy at the grocery store), but they are just a little shorter than the grocery store loaves.  It doesn’t matter though as the bread is a little heavier, but it is delicious!  It holds together well for sandwiches (we tried peanut butter and just plain jelly ones – both worked!).Image


Sprinkle 1 pkg or 1 cake of yeast over 1 1/2 cups of warm water; stir until dissolved.  Add 1 cup sourdough starter, @ 5 – 6 cups flour, 2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp baking soda (only if you want the top of the loaves kind of flat like store bread!), and 2 tsp sugar.  Stir vigorously for three minutes (I used my Kitchenaid mixer for this part).  The dough should not stick to the sides of the mixer bowl but should make a ball.  Sprinkle a little flour on the counter and knead the dough for a couple of minutes.  Cut the dough in half with a pizza cutter and shape it into two long loaves.  Grease a large deep casserole dish or baking pan (I used grapeseed oil in a big deep dish).  Place the loaves into the dish.  Cover and let rise in a warm draft free place until doubled (about 90 minutes is what mine took in the oven with the light on).  Place shallow pan of water on bottom rack of oven.  Bake at 400F for 40-50 minutes (I did 40 and it was beautiful!).

Allow to cool somewhat before slicing so the loaves do not deflate (or smush).  Well, allow it to cool if you can wait!  This stuff makes the whole house smell fantastic!!!

All photos for this post were taken by my beautiful daughter, Sahara.  Thank you Sahara!!!Image

Thank you to my friend, Kendra, for giving me some sourdough starter two weeks ago.  I have been feeding and babying it, and it is doing great, and I have really been feeding it a LOT so I can start making bread daily!  I found this great old jar I had, and I put the starter in there.  I topped it with a coffee filter held on by a rubber band.  This lets it breathe, but it keeps out dust, etc.


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