I forgot about my starter!!!

This is what my refrigerator looks like. Is it any wonder then that when I was putting away groceries tonight and cleaning my refrigerator that clear in the very back I found a jar of sourdough starter? I wish I had taken a picture of it right then! It had green liquid floating on the … Continue reading I forgot about my starter!!!

A Spring Day in December

Particularly beautiful warm temperature days in normally cold months lead to the goats and cow getting rowdy. It's just a fact I've learned to accept over the past two months. I teach first graders online as most of you know. I love my job. It allows me to have the best of both worlds (working … Continue reading A Spring Day in December

Stretch It Just A Little More

After Thanksgiving there is so much turkey leftover! Almost every blog and site lists leftover turkey recipes, and I've noticed a lot of them are getting more and more Complicated. Not here- no, here I like to Keep it simple. I have kids, a husband, a house, and a mini-farm to run. Oh yeah- and … Continue reading Stretch It Just A Little More