Gift Wrapping Made Fast!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! That means I have a pile of gifts to wrap, and the gift giving season is fast approaching!

When I wrap, I need it to be an organized and fun experience or else everybody is liable to get a gift stuck in a gift bag with a smooshed (or no) bow!

Enter my gift wrap kit:


Everything is kept in one large box in my closet. When it’s gift wrap day, I pick the co-ordinating rolls of wrap that I want to use, and everything goes in the trashcan and is carried downstairs to the freezer (Aka gift wrap station central) in one trip!

The tag bag:


The little box contains ink pens and paint markers, scissors, tape and a tape dispenser, and tags I save and re-use from year to year.


The bag itself holds rolls of ribbon and some of those sticker gift tags.


I wrap on the top of the freezer, and all paper bits just get tossed into the trash can which holds the rolls of wrap.


Notice DG totally photo bombing my picture. LOL.

Once every gift is wrapped, I can put it all away in one trip, and the paper bits go right to the recycling paper bin!


Tonight I made a discovery all moms are going to love: kids like to wrap their own stuff! I had one of Jake’s presents inside of a cardboard box, and he asked if he could help me so I let him. He loved it!


Why didn’t I think of this when the other kids were little? This would have saved me hours and been a funny family tradition (“Yeah, I wrapped my own gifts as a kid…” LOL).

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