Cheeseball recipe & shaping tip

I don't know why it took me all these years to think of this trick for perfectly shaped cheeseballs! Line a bowl with Saran Wrap or parchment paper or a Ziplock baggie, spoon in the cheeseball after mixing, set a saucer on top, and flip the whole thing over. Remove the bowl, and you're left … Continue reading Cheeseball recipe & shaping tip

Cookie tip – how to freeze dough

Is everyone else still eating a lot of comfort foods because of COVID-19, or is it just me? I feel like it might just only be me, and everyone else in the world is being super fit and exercising like crazy and eating salads and counting macros...and I'm over here still baking homemade breads and … Continue reading Cookie tip – how to freeze dough

Christmas in July 2016 – Week 1

Every year, I try to do a little Christmas prep because when I started teaching full time, all of my wonderful Christmas and holiday plans just flew out the window.  I was the crazy Christmas lady with 27 Christmas trees, and I was able to keep that up for about two years into my teaching … Continue reading Christmas in July 2016 – Week 1