It’s clean!!!!

Oh my gosh! That vinegar and dish soap recipe from Pinterest really works! Those are not spots on my stove. Those are reflections on my glass top stove and little red teapot now and it was super easy to clean!


I used white vinegar and dish soap.


I made a very small recipe of this just in case it didn’t work. I didn’t want to waste my supplies. I figured if nothing else I could use it to clean the toilet. It definitely worked though!

This is how you do it: heat 4 ounces of vinegar for a couple of minutes in the microwave in a glass measuring cup. Remove it from the microwave and add 3.3 ounces of dish soap to the hot vinegar. I used a plastic straw to stir it up. Now just pour most of it on your glass stove top, set your timer for 5 minutes, and when it dings come back and wipe off the stove top with a dry dish cloth. It is important to note that if you have any water on the dish cloth you will get a TON of suds! Remember to use a dry dish cloth.


Just look at the shine in that picture! A bonus is that after you heat the vinegar, you can use a dry dish cloth to wipe out the inside of the microwave, and it will be super clean too.

This cuts straight through any grease that is on the stove top.

I had a little extra and I used it to wipe off my kitchen counters. This is so economical! I will not be buying kitchen cleaner again! Now I can’t wait to use it to clean the shower doors!

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