Connections made at the Athens Farmers’ Market!

I went over to Athens to the Farmers' Market this morning. While  there I happened upon bags of Enterprise (a type of apple) apples which are one of our favorite kinds. I bought a bag, and in talking with the farmer, I asked him if he would allow us to have some small pieces to … Continue reading Connections made at the Athens Farmers’ Market!

Sooooo ready for spring!!!

We are all so ready for spring here!!!  Meaner won't hunt mice in this. He just surveys his kingdom from the porch. Bessie can't believe she's still stuck eating hay. She's quite perturbed with me this morning. The goats are thrilled that I tossed some sour oranges and wrinkly apples in there with them all. … Continue reading Sooooo ready for spring!!!

Little (temporary) addition

We are currently fostering a three day old puppy for about four weeks. She's one of six left at a no kill animal shelter.  She's definitely made my busy days even busier!!! I have no idea what breed she is. The mother dog wasn't brought in with the puppies.  We'll keep her until she eats … Continue reading Little (temporary) addition