Feeding Time for Ladybird

Taking care of this puppy is so much fun. I have feeding time down to a science now.


First, I boil water in my tea kettle. I only put in about two inches so this part is fast. Then I put two tablespoons of raw goat milk in the bottle and set it in the mug, pour very hot water halfway up it, and insert the thermometer.  It takes two to four minutes to heat the milk to the right temp.


Next, we visit the toilet. Already she cries in her basket and doesn’t want to potty where she sleeps. She’s a smart dog! I won’t share graphic pics of this necessary routine part (you’re welcome). Let’s just say the toilet utilization cuts down on any mess, and I think I’m brilliant for coming up with this idea in a sleep deprived state. LOL


The milk is served at 118 degrees Fahrenheit.  It’s not too hot and not too cold..it’s just right.


Sometimes though, she decides I’m using the wrong bottle which means pouring milk from one bottle to another (up to 4x) to determine what Little Miss Picky would like today.  Million Dollar idea: make one bottle base with various bottle rings and nipple sizes so I only have to screw on and off the tops (and not wash and sterilize four bottles before the next feeding!!). I am reminded daily that this is why I breastfed my kids!  Yes, those are fresh eggs from my hens on the towel. No, I don’t feed her the eggs (yet).

Turn on the heating pad and toss in a clean mop cloth (she loves these things) so her bed is fresh and warm after eating…

…and we have mealtime!!!

A little burp afterward and some cuddles are in order.


Now it’s back to bed for a two to four hour marathon sleep session (for her, not me!).

The entire process takes about twenty minutes and repeats four to seven times daily.


She’s so worth it though!!!

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