Connections made at the Athens Farmers’ Market!


I went over to Athens to the Farmers’ Market this morning. While  there I happened upon bags of Enterprise (a type of apple) apples which are one of our favorite kinds. I bought a bag, and in talking with the farmer, I asked him if he would allow us to have some small pieces to graft at some point this spring. He said he would be more than happy to do so, and he also said that the Morgan County Extension office will be holding a class in March to teach beginners how to do this!  I made a couple of other connections while I was there also, and I will be posting more about those this week!

Remember: if at all possible, buy local and know your farmer!

Thank you to Cherry Orchards for allowing this picture to be posted to my blog and for the generous offer and help with grafting . Call 740 982 3186 to place an order, or pick the apples up at the orchard at 10290 State Route 669 North West, Crooksville, Ohio.

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