Homemade Velveeta (with real cheese!)

This has to be one of best and easiest recipes I’ve ever made. When I started kicking out all of the processed foods from our grocery shopping, one of the things I missed the most (and so what ended up being my cheat food and my guilty little pleasure when I go to the movies with my husband on a date) was NACHOS with CHEESE!!!!!! I am not writing a long post on this. I just want to say this woman who tested and has this recipe online deserves lots and lots of hugs from mothers all over the nation. 🙂 You have to check this out and then make it! You won’t be sorry!!!

Homemade Velveeta from MOMables

PS I used white American Kroger (deli) brand cheese, Kroger brand sharp cheddar, and a cup of whole milk for this. I served hot spicy Frog Ranch salsa on the side along with sour cream and Garden of Eatin’ (nonGMO verified) blue corn tortilla chips, and it was FABULOUS for dinner!!!

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