The new additions

Guess what I picked up last night after the doctor appointment?



Meet Christmas Supper and Thanksgiving Dinner:


I bought these from a young girl who raised five for the fair but could only take two to the fair (these are two of the three who didn’t go to the fair). I am very happy to have gotten these, and I’m hoping the Craigslist playhouse I inquired about is still available because if it is, I can move these girls into the unused paddock where they’ll have tons of room to roam! Right now they are in with my chickens, and they all seem to be doing just fine together (I think the hens are afraid to peck at them since the turkeys are about 3x bigger!).


Puppers is a little unsure about the new additions.  She can’t decide if she should eat them or chase them away (they’re bigger than she is, too! Ha!).


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