A visit to the dr

I usually avoid doctors like the plague, but sometimes I do have to go.  I went today – but not for my back (which after a day of icing and Bayer Back & Body is only slightly sore today!).

Two years ago, I had a cyst removed from deep inside my wrist. It had been there for years, gradually getting worse and worse until I had a few days of normal use interspersed with weeks spent with it in a wrist brace, holding it against my chest to keep from bumping it and causing the pain to flare from my fingers to my shoulder.


The surgery was a success (see the little scar?), but I was told there was a chance it could grow back.

I’m one of the lucky few who had it return. I was pain free for fourteen months, and it started to ache in February for a few days, then May, and again just a couple of weeks ago in July.


I am not going to let it go until it’s as bad as it once was so I had a consultation with my wrist doctor,  and she prescribed PT for four weeks. If that doesn’t work, a different kind of surgery will be performed to deal with my wrist bones’ instability and hopefully keep it from causing any more damage from here on out (which enlarges the cyst which causes the pain).


Jake thought these x-rays of my wrist and hand were awesome. He got to stand in the little radiology room and watch the tech take them. Neither of us were as impressed by the sound my apparently in stable bones made (think “click, click,  CLICK!”) when the doctor was rotating my hand and wrist in various directions! It was really pretty freaky sounding!!!


I’m going to put off surgery until I can’t stand it anymore and can hopefully make it until next summer break because there’s a two month recovery on this surgery! I hate the thought of being laid up for two months!

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