Sometimes things just happen


Today will not have anything exciting going on at my farm. I did get everybody fed and watered, but that’s it.


The little chick got down from the nest and made such a scattered mess of the wood chip hill that she couldn’t get back in there. It was too high. I had to move a fence panel to get to her, and I didn’t lift it correctly.  I overextended a muscle in my back so my day is going to be spent in one of two positions that I can handle without feeling like I’ve been smashed in the back with a baseball bat.

😦  This is NOT how I want to spend one of my last remaining summer vacation days before heading back into teaching on August 4th.

At least Daisy is happy that we are going to be cuddling all day.


I’m going to make the best of it and catch up on my reading and listen to Daisy purr until bedtime.

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