Canning green beans

I was able to get 16 lbs of fresh green beans from an Amish farmer at the farmers’ market for just $20!


My husband and both daughters helped me snap all the ends off and break them into small pieces earlier today. I am on my third canner full. 16 lb equalled out to 14 quarts!


You need to use a pressure canner for low acid foods like green beans. Don’t be so afraid of it that you won’t get one! Once you conquer that fear and do your first batch of jars in it, you’ll never look back.


I remember I was so afraid it would blow up that the first time I used it, I wouldn’t let anybody else on this side of the house. LOL.

Now I’m just as comfortable with it as I am with water bath canning.

Here’s a great tutorial on canning green beans!

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