Finished flowerbeds

I shoveled that huge pile of wood chips off the garage pad and when I saw how quickly it was breaking down into good black crumbly soil, I made a nice big flowerbed all along our front fenceline. This was four days of work. I hired my nephew and his friend for three hours Friday to clean in the backyard and put the last of the pile (four wheelbarrows) into the compost pile/chicken run.

I found hanging baskets of geraniums at Kroger for $3.49 each and put those in the beds, but Kroger didn’t have enough. When we stopped at Lowes today,  I found several plants marked down and bought those (three were perennials!!!). I got three wave petunias,  a cherry tomato plant, some kind of vine ($1!), and three perennials for $28.

Here’s the finished beds:




These go from our front walk down the drive to the little barn/henhouse/compost area.

It’s not perfect looking and doesn’t even match, but it’s rustic and country chic and it has character. It’s perfect for me!

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