Homemade French fries

I see a lot of people complaining that they can’t get bags of frozen french fries and other “convenience” foods right now. I can’t help but notice that the produce section is pretty full of fresh fruits and vegetables…and then I realized that maybe some folks don’t know you can make your own fries from scratch so I’m going to show you how.

Start by getting some potatoes from your storage box. It doesn’t matter if they’re a little wrinkly; wrinkly potatoes make great fries! Wash the potatoes and pat them mostly dry.

Wrinkly potatoes are still good potatoes!

Remember that if your potato has an eye (sprout), just cut it out to grow in your garden and use the rest of the potato.

Cut out this eye and plant it!
This is a bad potato. The rotten part was inside when I cut into it. Potatoes like this go in the trash or compost bin (cut off and trash the rotten part) – don’t use these for any food for people or animals.

There are various ways to cook fries: deep fry (to taste like a restaurant), air fry (for a healthier option), or bake (in wedges like usually gets served with steak). In this example, I’m going to deep fry these.

Deep fryer – use whatever oil you prefer (not olive oil as it will smoke at the high temp and give the fries an “off” taste)

Plug in the deep fryer and set it to heat the grease to 375F. I like this deep fryer because the light turns green when it’s at the right temperature, and it has a basket and a lid so I don’t get hot grease popping on me!

Cut a potato in half…

…and in half again. Here you can see i cut out the eye and set it to the side to plant tomorrow.

Slice the potatoes into the thickness of fries you prefer.

Put a layer in the fry basket and lower them into the deep fryer. Set a timer for three minutes for soft fries, four minutes for brown and crispy fries.

Remove the basket from the fryer when the timer dings and drain the fries on a plate lined with a paper towel (or dump them in a strainer if you don’t have paper towels). Salt them to taste (add garlic salt, seasoning salt, etc while they’re hot and cooling on the plate/strainer).

Serve while piping hot! These are better tasting than any frozen fries you could hope to find!

IMPORTANT NOTE: NEVER EVER use an extension cord to plug in your deep fryer, and NEVER EVER allow the fryer handle or cord to be over the counter edge where anyone could get snagged on it and dump scalding hot grease on themselves or on you! Little children have died this way! Always be safe when dealing with boiling liquids of any kind, and stay right by the fryer while using it, keeping pets and others away from where you’re working. As soon as the last batch of fries comes out, unplug the fryer and be sure it’s pushed back away from the counter edge. ALWAYS BE SAFE WHEN WORKING WITH BOILING LIQUIDS/GREASE!

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