Garden arches and no bake cookies

I hear so many people complaining about being with their spouses 24/7 during this shutdown. I don’t get it! We are LOVING all the time we’re getting to spend together! We’re both still working from home, but we’re spending so much more time together. We’re sharing all the chores, doing nice little things for each other, having all our meals together, watching shows together, taking walks and hiking the farm, making farm plans, etc. It is wonderful! I hope this is what retirement will be like for us.

Monday was beautiful weather here. Ted mowed the big field at the church, and before he started I asked him if he could cut me down a cattle panel from the old pig fence, and he said he would when he came back. He did, and then my Dad and Ted installed the panel and four posts as a garden arch for me.

They made short work of it together.

This little arch already has peas growing on one side; they’ll soon vine up the wire, using it as a trellis. Green “pole” beans will go on the other side and do the same thing. I haven’t quite figured out what will go underneath since that part will be shady from the peas and beans, but I have a little time to figure it out!

Baby peas just pushing up through the dirt

I was so pleased with how the arch turned out that I wanted to make Ted a little something special so I looked up his favorite cookie recipe and whipped him up some no-bake cookies using this recipe!

I can’t wait for the last frost to come and go so I can get all my Victory Garden seeds and plants in the ground!

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