Growing potatoes from sprouted ones

This is not a “bad” potato; it’s a potato that’s going to provide you with the means of growing your own future potatoes:

This is how you do it: Cut the sprouts off, leaving some potato just below the sprouted parts (called “eyes”).

Now set those in a saucer of water. Don’t use too much water, or they’ll rot. Use enough that the potato bottoms can suck up the water though.

I used a plant saucer for these, but you can use anything that holds water.

Set the saucer of potato eyes in the sun, and add water as the potato eyes suck it up over the next few days. Soon, you’ll see little white hairlike roots coming out of the bottoms of each cut up piece of potato (or you will see the “eyes” start growing leaves like crazy). Stick the potato pieces and their sprouted leaves/roots in loose soil when that happens, and they’ll grow! Once its warm outside, you can plant the potato plants (called “slips” at that point) in the ground, and in the fall, you’ll have several potatoes for each slip you planted (the potatoes will be under the ground – you’ll have to dig them up).

This is ONE piece of sweet potato after about three weeks in this pot of soil – I can get several slips from this to set outside in the garden for spring!

Also, eat the potato you cut the eyes off of (the day you cut them off). It’s not a bad potato and is still good to eat. Hopefully this post will help you grow something new from your kitchen scraps this year!

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