A gift from Gramma

It’s been just over two years since Gramma Izzie died, but she just gave me a gift.  

Mystery gift from Gramma

I was in her garage a couple of weeks before all this COVID-19 shutdown started, around the time I needed to plant those potato eyes, and I saw this ceramic pot of dirt setting back in the corner amongst a bunch of odds and ends. I asked my Dad if I could take it because I’m always looking for planters and pots, and he said yes so I did (I’m turning into the eccentric plant lady now…). I brought it home and planted the potato eyes in it, and the potato eyes grew so I stuck those out in the garden a few weeks ago. Then I stuck some onion tops that turned green and some garlic in it just to get some green onions going for cooking and some more garlic going for the garden. Low and behold, something that she had planted in this pot evidently got warm enough or hit the right time of the year or got enough water or something, and it sprouted and then started to grow!

The leaves are in sets of three.

I have no idea what this is. It is quickly outgrowing the pot though! She was always sticking seeds and starts in pots, in plastic ziplock bags, in the ground, in EVERYWHERE, and those things always grew! I used to tease her that if someone gave her a rock, she could plant it, and it would grow because her green thumb was just that good. LOL.  I can’t wait to see what this is! A close friend thinks it’s a bean plant. Whatever it turns out to be, I will definitely be saving seeds from it because that was a pretty hardy little seed to make it for over 2 years stuck in the dirt in the super hot and then freezing cold garage with no water and no sun for that long and still sprout!

It is not lost on me…the significance of this gift coming right at the anniversary time of her death, right at the time when it feels like the whole world is falling apart in more ways than one…and I can hear her saying, “Life goes on. Life always has to go on.”

Thank you, Gramma.  I’ll do my best to take care of this little plant, and I will keep remembering that life does go on and is so worth living (even though you’re not here with me right now to share it)!

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