Chick hatch #1 – 2020

Out of the first incubator of 41 eggs, we had 25 healthy chicks hatch, three eggs pip but not zip (meaning those three chicks were able to peck a teeny hole in the egg but then died before doing anymore which happens for a variety of reasons), and 13 eggs were duds (not fertilized so no chicks from those). We kept them under a heat lamp in the living room in a trough since Easter Sunday, and they got moved to the broody coop out front over this weekend.

The chicks love to stretch their wings now and try out their flying in the big area.

They’re so cute at this stage!

I firmly believe that raising chickens is a life skill that everyone should have. Chickens provide a source of protein with their eggs, and they can lay quite well simply by eating your kitchen scraps, bugs from pecking through your yard, and a little feed/corn/scratch grains. They’re a never-ending source of free hilarious entertainment, too. If you get a rooster in with your hens, you’ll get fertilized eggs. Eventually, a hen will go broody and set a clutch of eggs (so free chicks for your flock!), or you can buy an incubator and hatch out as many chicks as you can responsibly provide care for/sell/give away to family and friends. This one skill – keeping chickens – translates into multiple ventures for your family; the effects can be far-reaching in your community. If you have space to fence in a chicken yard or space to move a chicken tractor around your yard (which keeps the flock contained but allows for fresh grass for them daily), then this is the time to do it. I cannot stress enough that now is the time to learn these life skills! After all, the time is going to pass no matter what you do or don’t do. In one year, you could be sitting there having learned a new life skill, having a little flock of chickens, and having fresh eggs daily, or you could just be sitting there, wishing you’d tried it.

Stay safe, stay home, and flatten the curve, America – and learn a life skill while doing it. What better time is there than now?

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