Adding raised beds

We are serious about the garden this year. Ted is on board with my idea of a Victory Garden and is helping make my vision a reality.

New beds will be going in across the front yard as fast as Ted can build them, and I’m hoping to add gravel pathways between them so there’s no need for mowing. That brown patch of woodchips over his right shoulder will have new blueberry bushes planted there (now that I learned not to install an electric ground rod and electric fence amongst them after killing our last bunch of blueberry bushes!).

This old pallet and equipment box will be the tomato bed this year (and strawberries next year if my plants provide enough runners).  It’s been setting around here for at least a year, but now I know exactly what to do with it!

Once the flat tire gets fixed on the old blue tractor, we’re planning to rent a tiller for a day and till up a huge area on the hillside for a big garden patch. I just have to make sure the chickens stay out of it!

It’s going to be a busy summer this year!

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