Fluffy butts on parade

The chickens love free ranging. They love pecking and scratching through the yard, driveway, and woods for tasty buggy treats.

This young rooster is just gorgeous. His tail feathers have that green sheen to them that game birds have. He struts his stuff around the hens like crazy, but they just ignore him for the most part.

Look at that funny huge tail on that red rooster! It makes me laugh every time I look at him!

One of my favorite things to do is go outside with treats for the chickens. They all come running if they hear a paper or plastic bag rustle. It’s hilarious to watch them chase each other around for all the goodies!

2 thoughts on “Fluffy butts on parade

  1. Hi! Love the title for this post! Do you happen to have footage of treat time for the fluffy butts? Would love to see how excited they get for their snacks and the various personalities. (If it’s a pain in the butt to post, no worries! Just thought maybe it was something you already had somewhere.) Kind regards!


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