Feeding the pigs is a whole process

We brought home 1800 pounds of pig feed, and then Ted had to fill the big gravity feeder with it all. It’s not as simple as you’d think.

First, the bags go into the tractor bucket (as many as will fit without spilling).

Then Ted drives the tractor down the path through the woods to the pig area of the farm.

Then each 50 pound bag gets lifted from the tractor bucket to balance on the rim,

gets untied, and gets poured into the feeder by hand.

My job is to gather up the twine and bags as he tosses them to the side.

I have it easier for sure. I’d fall off that fence railing for sure, too.

They love when the feeder gets filled. They also love that mud they’re standing in, too; it is true that pigs love mud (at least in our experience!).

These girls have a wonderful life. They have a huge fenced area to wander around, and it’s filled with downed trees in piles for them to shove around. They have a huge feeder and fresh water that’s available to them 24/7. They sleep in the straw filled trailer so there will never be any stress of loading when it’s time for them to go. They get treats from the fridge every single day (this particular group loves salad dressings and anything saucy). They can root around, wallow in mud, and do piggy things to their hearts’ content.

No cement pens for these girls! No being stuck somewhere in the confines of a tiny cell their entire lives! These girls will have fresh air, sunshine, and happiness right up to their last moment. They are happy, and I feel good knowing we’re raising them in the most humane way possible.

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