Produce galore!

There were soooo many bags of apples gifted to me that I couldn’t let Bessie and the Terrible Twosome have them all (too many could cause bloat). I gave them about 50 apples and gave the rest to the turkeys and chickens.


The turkeys went wild for these things.


Getting extra or soft veggies and fruit from friends, neighbors, and coworkers is a great way to stretch the food budget for my little farm. It’s so much better than processed grain for them, too!


The brother of the lady who babysat me when I was a little girl sent a bunch of huge zucchini home for my birds last week. I just fed them the last one mixed in with the apples. The chickens just go crazy for zucchini.  This is great because the raw seeds of the cucurbitaceae family {gourds, watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkin, zucchini} are a natural de-wormer for worms such as tapeworm and roundworm.  I let the birds eat as much of these as they want.


Thank you to Marge’s sister and Kay’s brother!!!

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