Local farmer spotlight

One of the most unique booths at the local Farmers’ Market is the Way Farms booth (owned by Cameron Way).


The Ways have farmed for several years in Waverly, Ohio, and they set up at our market on Saturdays, the Ross County market on Saturdays, and the Portsmouth market on Saturdays as well. In addition,  they set up a booth Monday through Saturday at the Waverly market from 10 to 6.


Way Farm offers a variety of locally grown produce (their sweet corn is to die for!) such as corn, new red potatoes,  cabbage, green beans, sweet purple onions,  zucchini, garlic,  watermelon, etc.  They also offer Carolina peaches!


The unique product offered at their booth, however, is Two Roasting Joes Organic Coffee. This coffee is roasted and ground within about 40 miles of here and is offered in bags and k-cups.


Way Farm products are available at the above mentioned local markets as well as at the actual farm in Waverly.  You can contact the farm at cwway@yahoo.com or via phone 740-222-0179.


The farm also has pick your own pumpkins in the fall as well as fodder shocks and mums for decorating!


Teacher friends: they schedule farm tours and hay rides!!!


Their farm booth dog, McCurdy,  says to come out and visit!

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