Sometimes late is better than never

Remember my very late garden planting which took place July 4th? Check out the progress in my little late garden!


There’s a baby watermelon on this vine!


I spy a ripening tomato!


The pumpkin vine is full of bright orange blossoms!


Check out this short squatty little green pepper!


The jalapeno plant has several on it but is hidden by the bigger pumpkin vine which decided it wanted to grow this way and not that way..

I even found a green bean in here but ate it before I took a picture. LOL

I could have said it was too late to plant July 4th, but I didn’t. I gave it a shot and tried it as an experiment.  I know planting earlier is better, but this proves even a late planting is better than no planting at all! 🙂


I found some sunflower seeds I’d saved in a ziplock and tossed those in about mid-July. Look what’s coming up? Seeing all this put a real smile on my face!

Evidently what my failed gardening efforts needed all those other years was a big pile of cow manure and goat pebbles. HA!

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